Valentina Tsyganova – vocal & recorder
Svetlana Sulimova - violin
Alexander Klimov – guitar
Ivan Budkin – bass & growl
Pavel Malyshev – drums



Woodscream - is probably the most outstanding band on the metal-scene of Saint Petersburg (Russia). Band`s music presents a tuneful union of different styles of contemporary metal, incorporating different elements of european folk traditions and gloomy atmosphere of medieval legends, which are the solid basis of Woodscream lyrics.

The band have already recorded 3 singles and mini-album «Pentadrama», released in spring 2010, which gained loads of favorable reports from listeners and critics from all over the world. 15th september 2014 was released new full-length album which called «Octastorium».


The band was founded by the guitar-player Alexander Klimov in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in September 2006. He was joined by Valentina Tsyganova (vocals), Dmitriy Bojenok (guitar), Alexander Preobrajenskiy (bass) and Pavel Malyshev (drums), forming the band which at first was called Overrun.

Dmitriy Bojenok and Alexander Preobrajenskiy have rapidly lost their interest in being a part of the band left it in October. In a month the vacant place of the second guitarist was taken by Alexander Afanasiev.

On February 2007 Konstantin Gnidkin, the violinist, has joined the band. But after three months of collaboration he left the band Overrun, explaining that he`s simply not interested in band’s music anymore. In august Anastasia Guseva took his place.

The first significant event in band`s life was it’s debut concert, which took place on the 1st of September 2007 within the walls of rehearsal room «Egorov». In one and a half month the band for the first time ever performed on the club stage. During this and further concerts the session bass-guitarist Victor Okovitiy was invited to perform with the band. 

In November the full-time bass-player was found, his name was Artem Shukjurov. And after that Overrun heartly have been performing in underground clubs of Saint Petersburg and prepared material for their debut demo for a year.

In summer 2008, after figuring out the existence of several bands that are also called Overrun, the band decided to change it`s name. Since that moment it was called Woodscream.

First Woodscream’s single «Замок Троллей» was a creative remakening of the classic folk metal song «Trollslottet» of the legendary swedish band Otyg. The single was released on the 14th of October 2008. Two months later Woodscream released another single, named «Исток Днвяти Миров». Both singles were recorded on the home studios «Sunrise Studio» (Saint Petersburg, Russia) and «Rich-Music» (Moscow, Russia). Mixing was done by Richard Oleinik, the sound engineer from Moscow. 

Another staff changes occurred in 2009 when in February with no apparent cause Artem Shukjurov left the band. His place was taken by Ivan Budkin, who has also been commited to the role of growler. Besides that flautist Anastasia Pestrjaeva joined the ranks. 

In 2009, on the 1st of May, Woodscream gave their first away-concert in Moscow in Plan B club. The recording of the debut album started on the same day.

On the 30th of may 2009 Woodscream already performed on big open-air for the first time – «May Tree» in Vyborg.

In September Anastasia Pestrjaeva had to leave the band, and duties of the flautist were transferred to Valentina Tsyganova. Several mounths later Alexander Afanasiev was fired from the band. After short but hard search for the second guitarist it was decided that one guitar in the band is quite enough. Therefore, the final cast of the band was formed of five people: Valentina Tsyganova, Anastasija Guseva, Alexander Klimov, Ivan Budkin and Pavel Malyshev. 

The presentation of mini-album Pentadrama took place in club «Arctica» (Saint Petersburg) on the 2nd of April. Being released by band’s own resources, mini-album had a run of 500 copies worldwide and gained a great number of good references from listeners and critics from all over the world. Mini-album, as well as both first singles were recorded on home-studios «Sunrise Studio» (Saint Petersburg, Russia) and «Rich-Music» (Moscow, Russia) and mixing was once again done by Richard Oleinik.

The same year in June single «Svartedauen», which was the English version of song «Чёрная смерть» from mini-album «Pentadrama», was released. Songs Svartedauen and «Замок Троллей» became a part of the compilation «Russian Extreme Folk Familia Vol.1», which came out on the 10th of October 2010. 

Song «Аконит» became a part of the collection «Der Heidensturm III», released by music label «Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur» on the 23rd of May 2011 

In the year 2011 a lot of european promoters became interested in Woodscream. As a result, in October 2011 the band went on their first tour in terms of which 12 concerts in Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia were given. Concert in Lithuanian city Siauliai, the second show of tour, was very notable as it was the first solo gig of the band as well as the first show ever played abroad.

Year 2012 was devoted mostly to performing on stage. In September Woodscream went on another tour to Ukraine where they played 6 shows. 

All year was dedicated to a hard work on material for the new album. The band gave only several concerts in hometown Saint Petersburg and Velikiy Novgorod. 

In January 2014 album recording has finally started. Recording of the first album, named «Octastorium», was underway in four studios at the same time. Drums and guitars were recorded in «King of Volume studio» (Saint Petersburg, Russia), bass – in Rich-Music studio (Moscow, Russia), vocals, violins and flutes – in Sunrise Studio. Therewith the founder of Otyg and Vintersorg’s guitar player, Mattias Marklund, took part in the recording as the invited guest. He recorded the guitar solo for the song «Лесной царь» in the Seven Stars studio (Skelleftea, Sweden). Mixing as usual was done by Richard Oleinik. 

In April, after the recording was finished, violinist Anastasia Guseva had to leave live line-up of Woodscream due to family reasons. The vacant place was taken by Anastasia Smelova, who quickly became an essential part of the band after several successful shows in Saint Petersburg, Pskov and Vyborg. One of these concerts was a try-out to be a part of «Folk Summer Fest». Woodscream has won that contest and had an opportunity to perform on big international open-air festival and share the stage with such famous bands as Korpiklaani, Arkona, Suidakra and others. Folk Summer Fest was held in city Gus-Khrustalniy on the 18th of July 2014.

15th september 2014 was released new full-length album «Octastorium».

In november 2014 Woodscream went on their third tour in terms of which 12 concerts in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech, Belarus and Russia were given.


Anastasia Smelova - violin (02.2014 - 02.2015)
Anastasia Guseva - violin (08.2007 - 04.2014) 
Alexander Afanasjev – guitar (11.2006 - 11.2009)
Anastasia Pestrjaeva – flute (03.2009 - 09.2009)
Artem Shukjurov – bass (11.2007 - 03.2009)
Konstantin Gnidkin – bass, violin, keyboard (02.2007 - 05.2007)
Dmitry Bojenok – guitar (09.2006 - 10.2006)
Alexander Preobrajenskiy – bass (09.2006 - 10.2006)